Business model:

Apox is a high-tech company governed by the particular intention of adapting the best development tools for work in AI applications based on Data Science and Machine Learning, for this reason we incorporate code programmers with skills in Kaggle, GitHub and similar platforms to solve any practical problem within the broad field of Cognitive Intelligence. It will depend on their performance that the amount of money you earn is up to your capacities.
Your knowledge and expertise in creating software applications will be in connection with the needs of our clients, they are looking for improvement and benefits in the digital upgrading process.


The collaborative model work is one of the methodologies used in or operations and as based on:
  • Big Data
  • Cloud computing
  • Data encrypted in the cloud
  • Open source software
  • Remote work
  • BYOD (if needed)



For this [position/problem test] your team will be:
  • A PhD expert in Machine Learning
  • A PhD in Operational System and Optimization
  • A PhD in Statistics
  • A professional in Statistics (finishing master’s degree)
  • A professional in Statistics
  • Several operational experts in the problem domain
  • Another trainee in artificial intelligence


The candidate will have very interesting challenges in a context of Big Data and artificial intelligence with tasks of the type (estimated percentage of your time):
  • Set up routines for cloud computing. To define: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. (10%)
  • Evaluate shallow neural networks (15%)
  • Evaluate deep neural networks (50%)
  • Combination of models: Error-Correcting Output Codes, Bagging, Boosting, Mixture of Experts, Stacked Generalization, Cascading, etc.(10%)
  • Optimization of hyper parameters: evolutionary algorithms, Bayesian optimization, etc. (15%)
It will be considered an asset to produce auto-executable for the following operational systems:
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Windows