About Us

Apox was born as a company among colleagues of Ph.D. studies in very different fields, but with a common key element: the use of artificial intelligence as a basic tool in their research.

The passion for programming, the advances in artificial intelligence, the computational calculation clusters, the computation in the cloud and above all, the desire to dedicate ourselves to work in what is our passion, led us to create Apox.

Apox is a group of enthusiastic geeks testing artificial intelligence methods all the time, so the problems that the industry sends our way, becomes the motivation of our laboratory. All this is developed with a professional emphasis based on scientific rigor, responsibility with the client and the practicality of our solutions.


We’re looking for exceptional people.

If you are passionate about artificial intelligence or you are a stubborn programmer, and you like a relaxed work environment, and are willing to work in an ecosystem of programmers, scientists and exhaustive coffee or tea drinkers, send us your resume and we can evaluate your profile for one of our projects.

Current Openings