Starting up in the public sector

Appox Inc. is a high-tech company created in 2017 in Quebec City from the initiative of a team of professionals in different fields of science who were doing doctoral studies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies at the same educational institution, each one of them seeking to explore its use for the benefit of their personal research.


The convergence of interests in programming, advances in AI and computation based on algorithmic calculations gave rise to an idea that came to plumb when they decided to set up an engineering system laboratory for the research and development of new software and attack the market with applications that help people solve technical problems, specifically, to find the way for a better performance in communications, management and chain production processes. 

These techno-enthusiasts began an intense routine testing artificial intelligence methods based on exhaustive scientific rigor, fundamental ethics and proved efficiency in AI development. 


Across a four-year track record Appox`s operations had been limited to improving the Quebec government’s digital environment: The Canadian administration selected us as official company services suppliers of artificial intelligence applications with an AI project consistent in the upgrading of control, management and processing of the databases clusters of the national health system. Mean, we are a firm authorized in the adoption of this revolutionary invention to be applied in a top line level inside the public sector.


Operations in private sector

The installation of AI`s applications at the core of the operative functions of the companies consist in the adoption and implementation of the more powerful tools offered by the Software industry to upgrade the industries in the affording of goods and services. An upgrading process that, ending, implies more technical accuracy, enables time optimization and remarkable investments profitable, this creates the so-called “surplus” of the classical economy theories.

Thus, conditions were given to go further into the market for algorithm-based applications. Tactically and strategically, we were prepared to give the next step

assuming the challenges that the market offers us, providing AI technology solutions for any type of digital upgrading business situation also in the private sector. For example, we began to develop AI solutions for the structural inspection of bridges and hydroelectric dams in conjunction with providers specialized in that specific domain.


We must say that our growth stage has represented sustained sales between 2020 and 2022 for an annual amount of $300,000 CAD in AI applications, for these reasons we feel empowered to assume the challenges that the market offers to us. We are prepared to provide AI technology solutions for any type of digital upgrading business situation.


Appox nowadays


Today’s company mindset is permeated of sophistication, it counts with plenty and useful resources for the overcome of technical issues:


  • We are advisors in cognitive technologies tools, performing at the interior of the companies improving their business model in three specific areas: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology: digital and physical tasks with automation tools using “robots”, means, code on a server, to process information for IT systems.

  • Cognitive Insights: algorithm based Machine Learning to detect patterns in vast volumes of data and the processing and interpretation of their meaning.

  • Cognitive Engagement: natural language processing chatbots, intelligent agents, and Machine Learning for product and recommendation systems.


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