At APOX we believe that Artificial Intelligence is a dominant tool that companies must adopt to optimize their processes, and continue or position themselves as leaders. Based on historical and real time data analytics we can strengthen your company.

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Why Apox?

Free Evaluation

Our first consultation meeting is free. Where we will identify your needs, and show you the potential of integrating artificial intelligence in your company.



By leaving the automatization problem in our hands, we guarantee savings of at least 30% that can increase in the long term, with the acquisition of new information.


Our solutions adapt easily to your needs, which can range from prototypes, or concept tests to applications in real time.



We start from a minimum investment: from 100% of cloud computing until buy your own calculation equipment.



Our solutions are based on the reliability of our algorithms and the high performance outcomes of our solutions, 100% guaranteed!


Our privacy policy guarantees the safety of information and confidentiality according to the highest standards


Apox AI

Our company represents the combination of passionate scientists, and technicians; a fusion of human and technical resources that seek to maximize the satisfaction of our customers for the implementation of artificial intelligence projects in the real world.

Our team has experience in the development of projects as diverse as: electric car recharge management, intelligent configuration of academic courses, the detection of lighting sources in photographs, the recognition of shapes, artificial vision, the detection of shapes in sequences of video, the forecast of climatic series and flood early warning systems among others.

Apox AI

Our Work


We visit your company and conclude the process to model.


Our team will collect information in your company, and then, will apply artificial intelligence methods used in a field similar, or equal to yours.


Our team will provide you a scalable offer of different alternatives to integrate artificial intelligence in your company.


You will receive several financial proposals based on different scopes of the proposed artificial intelligence solution.


Once the scope of the proposal has been accepted, we move on to the information collection, or registration and measurement programming phase. The company’s know-how in the evaluated process is integrated into our intelligent models as a basis for the proposed applications.


The results of a first model of artificial intelligence are presented, where the company will evaluate its performance and possible sources of improvement with our engineers.


The final model of artificial intelligence, exhaustively tested, is submitted.


A plan to update the model is scheduled; either an update with new information, or the implementation of an online learning model.


The information gathering equipment is installed and intertwined with the platform chosen for the artificial intelligence model.


Due to flexibility, economy and operational reliability, we exhibit a solution based exclusively on cloud computing services.


If our customer agrees, we can manage the patent registration of the process modeled with our technological proposal.